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Welcome to the Guns N' Roses Confessions. An anonymous blog where you can submit your GN'R confessions. They can be anything and everything. Just submit your confessions in our ask box and we will make the graphic.

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sepa asked: Would you like the appetite for destruction lineup get back?

Personally what I would love to see happen is for them to get back together for one world wide tour. I would be so greatful if they would just get along long enough to do a tour like that. That is where I stand with that issue. :)

Confessions? ↘ (7:51pm)
Anonymous asked: are any of these your confessions?

I don’t post my confessions so no. None of these are my own. :)

Anonymous asked: can u make submit anon? or at least keep all submits anon?

The settings does not have that option. you can just do it in the ask box just let me know that its a confession :)